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by Maugrim Fenris-Ulf (alphacopper)
at January 6th, 2006 (03:33 pm)

Name: Captain Maugrim Fenris-Ulf
Age: What's it to you?
Likes: Doing his job, running, hunting, police officers, the white queen.
Dislikes: "The Cat", criminals, traitors, rebels, you.
Strengths: A vague sense of honor, swift, intelligent, smooth talking, and did I mention my teeth?
Weaknesses: A vague sense of honor, occasional bouts of sarcoptic mange, self possesion, the tendency to underestimate people.
Talents: Endurance, I'll keep running until you can't. Talking, which, come to think of it, isn't at all unusual among Beasts. Does ripping throats out with little trouble count?
Leader or Follower: Leader. That's why I'm alpha, and Swiftpaw is still beta. I lead, you follow.
Do you think with your heart or head? Head. The heart is best reserved for mating season.
Who is your favorite character?
Maugrim, of course! ;)
He's so pretty, oh so pretty, he feels pretty, and witty, and--
--Actually, I've always loved him since I read the paperback in second grade with my parents. Fenris-Ulf, a wolf and a police officer, was just undeniably cool. The movie only made that love stronger, as let's face it, he has the coolest voice actor ever.
Who is your least favorite character?
Aslan. Never liked Narnia's personal savior, never will. He always came off as too pretentious for my taste.
See above.
Hmm...no one seems to have pictures of the Captain, I suppose I could always get yet another shot from the trailer like I did for my icon.


Posted by: Hannah (mormegil_naa)
Posted at: January 22nd, 2006 05:24 am (UTC)

Well. I guess I'll vote you as Mourgrim.

Wait, do you have to be stamped to vote? I hope not because I'm voting anyways.

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