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A Rowan Bug [userpic]
To Narnia!
by A Rowan Bug (arowanbug)
at February 10th, 2006 (08:47 pm)

Name:Stephanie Ann
Age: 19
Likes: Movies, Disney, Writing, Knitting, Reading, Mr. Tumnus, Tea, Daisys, VW beetles, Toby my Shih Tzu, Music.
Dislikes: Mean People, Tornados, Fire, Slow Computers, Being Sick, Mortality
Strengths:Picking up new skills fast, driving, remembering birthdays, Writing, Knitting, lol.
Weaknesses: Cute anything, Sweets, Puppies (or baby animals of any kind) Babies (I cooo) Boys.
Talents:I'd like to think I'm quick-witted, I'm good on the computer (not as good as some..but I hold my own) Fast-typer.
Leader or Follower: Leader, but I can be a good follow when need be (I may continue to make suggestions to the leader, but hey nobody's perfect).
Do you think with your heart or head? Head sadly. I can think with my heart to, I usually battle it out between both.
Who is your favorite character? Mr. Tumnus in the book and movie. And Lucy in both as well.
Why? Tumnus in the book because he starts out so sweet, does something bad and then makes up for it, which is a lot like human error. In the Movie I found him so cute. Lucy in both because she is so innocent and feisty and starts it all by finding the wardrobe
Who is your least favorite character? White Witch
Why? Because she is SOoo evil and I wanted to slap her during half of the movie because she just sucks (with what she did to Aslan)
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Posted by: bambi_6 (bambi_6)
Posted at: March 7th, 2006 02:24 am (UTC)

hhmmm u remind me alot of Lucy but hen again the female beaver

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