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mizukihikari [userpic]
by mizukihikari (mizukihikari)
at May 21st, 2008 (03:46 pm)

Name: Maria
Age: 18
Likes: I like to read anything that is good, mostly things with magic,action/ adventure, family love. I also like cats, anime and manga, Japanese, Chinese and Korean drama, because they are interesting.
Dislikes: mean people
Strengths: I'm honest, I can keep a secret, I'm a good student, I'm optimistic and nice
Weaknesses: internet, really big heights, horror movies and a little bit the dark
Talents: Drawing
Leader or Follower: I prefer the follower it less hard, but sometimes I like to be a leader.
Do you think with your heart or head? both but mostly the heart.
Who is your favorite character? Edmund, Caspian, Lucy and peter
Why? because I like their personality's and I especially love Lucy for her big heart and honesty
Who is your least favorite character? Susan
Why? because I think of her as mean and a little know it all ( in the books) and plainly don't like her character unless she is acting like a real sister to Lucy

my favorite narnia paring is: Lucy and Caspian