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Hannah [userpic]
by Hannah (mormegil_naa)
at January 22nd, 2006 (04:41 am)

Name: Hannah
Age: 15
Likes: DVD bonus features, comic books, manga, movies, anime, video games, RPGs, swords, fantasy, action, and/or adventure stories, Lord of the Rings, Narnia (obviously), Star Wars, Final Fantasy, movie scores, day dreaming, looking up stuff on Wikipedia, looking up stuff on IMDb, developing crushes on fictional characters.
Dislikes: Harry Potter, slash fan fiction, Mary Sue fan fiction, fan fiction in general, Edisen Chen (that boy's always bothered me for some reason), math, singing/dancing/acting/drawing (only because I can't do any of them).
Strengths: I'm honest, I can keep a secret (unless it's something really juicy; then I'll tell a few people ^_^), I'm a good student, I'm opimistic
Weaknesses: I have no control over what I eat, I tend to give out really juicy secrets ;), I can't run a mile without dying first, I'm much more of a dreamer than I am a realist (which I guess is only a weakness from a certain point of veiw), Geometry.
Talents: I can convert any kind of metric/standard units in my head, I'm good at memorizing the history of fictional/non fictional coutries/worlds, I can say "Luke, I am your father" in a quite a few differnt languages, I know American Sign Language.
Leader or Follower: I'm a leader. Why? I like to be in control. Besides, followers get no attention at all.
Do you think with your heart or head? In life situations, with my heart. In school, with my head.
Who is your favorite character? Edmund, Caspian, and Eustace.
Why? Although I don't like him in the movie, I could really relate to Edmund back when I was his age. I have four siblings. Back when I was younger I had two older sisters who were constantly badgering me. I have two little brothers who are twins. They were always the cute, innocent ones. I was caught in the middle. Sure, I loved them but if I had a chance to betray them to become the queen of a country, I would in a heart beat (even if I wasn't addicted to the enchanted Trukish Delight). I also sort of... matured in the same ways he did. Of course, nowadays, he and I aren't a thing alike so I guess I don't like him as much as I used to. I can relate to Caspian too. Just by the way he always dreamed of Old Narnian beings being real as a kid and the way he's good leader (I'm not saying that I'm a good leader, I just admire him for that). Besides that, I just think he's awesome. I'm not even going to get into how I relate to Eustace because you'd be reading this application for days.
Who is your least favorite character? Any of the fauns. Particularly Tumnus.
Why? Fauns are to Narnia as hobbits are to Middle-earth (with the exception of Merry and Pippin); I just can't stand them. I really don't have a good reason why.
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That picture says a lot about me.

There's me with a faun who got turned into stone. I told you I hated fauns.